King Palm Goji Wraps


4 Wraps Per Pack


Our new goji blunt wraps are the world’s first natural wraps made from the super fruit. We have taken 100% organic, all-natural goji berries, and processed them into moist, easy-to-use natural wraps, then packaged them at the peak of freshness. Each 4-pack of our goji blunt wraps comes with 4 ultra-fresh berry natural wraps, and 4 Model X filter tips to cool your smoke even more.

We chose the goji superfruit because the fiber and pulp of the berries give the natural wraps a velvety texture, and keep them burning slow and smooth, while the unique qualities of the berries keep your goji smoking wraps moist, flexible, and super-easy to seal. The sweet, natural flavor of goji compliments your favorite strains without covering them up. Our goji smoking wraps can be used to hand-roll your blunts, or they can be used in king-sized rolling machines.


Available in different flavours

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Honey, Strawberry, Banana, Mango


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